Nova Cosmetic Center - POOR CUSTomer service

Miami, Florida 2 comments
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Very bad customer service.I cannot get my person who has been assigned to me as a contact to call me back.

Ive e mailed her at her rewuest...2x's...then I have called 2 times! I have a simple question. Im a new customer...Ive paid for services, yet havent recieved them yet. You would think they could at least call me back!

I do not recommend anyone go to this office.

There are plenty of others around that will respect you enough to call you back:) I am amazed at the lack of help.Because of the poor service I have directed 2 of my friends to go elsewhere....too bad for them.

Review about: Hormonal Therapy.



Don't do anything in this place.The plastic surgeon is an arrogant person that hates to admit when he did a not to good job.

When you are working with a person face and you have a bad day this can ruined a person for life. It's been five years and every time I look at myself in the mirror is a reminder of the awful job he did .

Not an apology or let's try to fix it.He changed my life for the worst.


:( I had a consultation regarding facial products and services and the lady who assisted me was incredibly rude and unprofessional.I was treated with such disrespect!!

There is a way to give a professional opinion rather than use insulting statements like she did. It was not a professional consultation. I felt extremely uncomfortable and left as soon as possible. I will never go there again.

I think the owner should look into how his staff is talking to his clients.After all, he just lost a substantial amount of business due to her lack of professionalism.

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